Hello! We're so glad to have the opportunity to introduce ourselvesChameleon Studios was founded in early 2013 by our fearless leader, Talia Manning. We like quirky fonts, compulsively detailed lists, creative marketing strategies, and sunny days. 

We can't wait to meet you and learn more about your next awesome project!


CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER.  Talia is a rising star in the world of marketing and graphic expression, with exceptional organizational and communication skills, astute attention to detail, and an enthusiastic spirit. During her career, Talia has developed marketing materials that highlight companies’ cutting-edge practices and competitive values, enhanced marketing strategy for businesses in numerous sectors, developed educational lesson plans and presentations for myriad subjects, successfully promoted non-profit programs to raise awareness of domestic and international issues, and helped organize book tours and conferences to advance awareness of critical issues. She has also written, illustrated, and edited a number of published reports, books, and scientific papers on a variety of topics. A trained mediator, Talia works fastidiously to understand her clients’ needs, coordinate effective collaborations, and confront challenges to achieve lasting solutions that exceed expectations.